Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Second Wall September 26th/2014

Decided to do another wall before winter.  Here it is.  Its a 2x7' wall that will be in the kitchen.  It was our first time doing outlets and using the insulation.

Scaffolding came in handy for sure,  thanks Larry.

We actually ended here for the day, we are still learning to be more efficient :).  It gave us an opportunity to practice our cold seam, and I must say we did a much better job at it than the last wall.

We didn't color the bottom 1.5 feet because it will be under the ground.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 1, 2014 OMG The First wall

We just uncovered our first wall today.  I must say it is a masterpiece, not a perfect wall by any means but it stands sentinel.
It is a towering 11' 2x2' pillar in the southeast corner.

It all started here....

After building the shed we mixed samples to find the color
we wanted.  We experimented with a range of browns and reds.

Then Paul started on the 2' end forms that we
will be able to reuse for all the walls.

Bit of play time before the wolf eats the rabbit

Paul as always is Perfectly Square
Just had to show off our Mouser Extraordinaire
Nurtsy Butsy

The assembled form

Mixing up about 2 yards with the concrete and the colorant

Here we go......

Already up to about 4'.  We had to end for the day so
there is a cold seam in the wall around here



Ramming the last lift, 11' up.

Mixing the concrete cap

And Here it is....... 

What a beauty.  The cold seam isn't dry yet.

Close up of the mottling