Thursday, April 13, 2017

#rammed earth build April 2017 Yippee It's Spring!!

Hello again,

The winter was long and cold AF, finally the weather is decent enough to work outside.

So i continued with the 2"x 6" beaming on top of the rammed earth walls. The plates are bolted down with 1/2" concrete anchors, triple 2" x 6" over the windows and doorways.


Then proceeded to start with the trusses, this is when it changes shape. How Exciting!
But first farm duties, we had our first calf.

There's quite the pile of trusses!

 To speed up the process i nailed joist hangers in position while on the ground to the two end trusses.

First one is up!

Top of the Morning

Coming together nicely

The excavator sure came in handy as i was working alone for a couple days

Starting to look like a house, not Stonehenge anymore.

So there's my progress, time to go back to my job. Just in time as I'm sore, lol.

I like how it is beginning to fit in with the background, feels like it will blend in nicely.