Saturday, July 12, 2014

Foundation Pour

After a long wait and some miscommunication the action finally arrived.  Damian (pump operator) from B and B Concrete came out before hand to check out the site, as did Chris.  Both tried to hide their reservations as best they could but we are getting pretty accustomed to people wondering what the %#$^  we are doing.  Turns out  neither had any experience with and 1' x 4' foundation and they were concerned about the integrity of the form work.  Once we started the pour it was clear our form work rocked and there was nothing to worry about.
My parents came out to help in case we needed it and boy were we lucky they did.  "Concrete waits for no man" was the quote of the day.  We worked our asses off and then to boot they had ~3m3 extra which we had to try to use.
Was a stellar day.  Foundation is just asking for walls!!!!

Pre pour jitters

That's me in the red coveralls :)

Back Up

Paul on the last of the pour

The Finishers

Ta Da!

Note:  Pencil Vibrator Operator not shown.

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