Thursday, August 4, 2016

July / August Rammed Earth Workshop

We had an Excellent workshop this week! The weather was hit and miss but we faired well. We started off with a 18foot long internal wall that I started forming the week before.  Not the easiest wall to start with but that's how things go ;) 

No insulation in this wall, just rebar and electrical boxes and a displacement box for a TV

Between the intermediate rain and blistering sun we needed some cover to continue

Lots of storms, geez.

Just about at the top!

Time to cap the wall

Tarp it for the night, incase of rain. This wall took us 3 days to ram.


The opening!
Space for the TV to be inset.
After the 18footer, lets do an insulated 6foot wall,
Here is a slide show link just for fun
Tying Rebar
Nailing the toe board down
Cutting the foam to fit


Here we go




More foam and rebar as we go up


Getting some extra help :)

Working our way up

Workshop Sefie



Finishing the last lift
More rebar
While this wall sets over night lets start to form a window wall
Need to continue sliding in the whalers, next week.



Thank you for participating, look forward to seeing your creations :)

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