Thursday, August 20, 2015

#rammedearth first #interior wall #christopherlake #saskatchewan

This wall took the longest to form and the longest to ram thus far. But sure turned out nice!

Making sure everything is straight to begin with. Anchoring the bottom plates 

Standing up the uprights that will be holding all the vertical boards in place. 
Then the form Plywood goes into the frame. Brad nails are used to tack it together (air nailer) 
Put the electrical boxes in while there is still room, Eeek getting narrow! Just about done. 

Took a week and a half (as life gets in the way)
But there it is ready for material.

Here comes the first load :) 
Threaded the other end of a pipe clamp pipe to make an extension for the tamper ;) 
Ramming away,,,,,,,,,,,, 

Time for a selfie? No silly, time for color! 

Made it to the height of the electrical boxes then,, 
The rain came for a little bit. Time for a break anyways. 

One more lift Sweet! 
Towelling the cap

The best part of building rammed earth is stripping the form. 

Happy Happy, only 29 more walls to go. Palm face 
This wall was quite a bit more work than we thought, but at least there is something to show for it. Something that is super cool, won't rot, blow away. Lots of people say that we're crazy for doing this, we could have a house like everyone else. That wouldn't require so much work, fuck that! Exercise your mind and your body. Hope you enjoyed this wall as much as we have.