Thursday, September 3, 2015

#rammedearth #rammedearthwall Southwest bedroom walls

We had set a goal of two big walls this last week and met that goal with great success :)

                                        Here we are starting with nailing down the bottom boards. Getting good tools helps along every step :)


Then the end wall forms go up and the side panels, everything gets levelled then screwed in place.

Using the Bobcat to mix makes quick work of the pile.

  And here we go,,,,,,,, 
  Over and over again :) 
But it's so worth it.

Here we are preparing for the cap.

 Always a good feeling to reach the top. 

Up when the sparrows fart, to take the forms down.

Like opening presents  :) 

We have the two window walls to ram then this bedroom will be officially #rammed. 


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