Thursday, May 26, 2016

Holy Productive Week!

The weather this week home sure worked out well, we on the other hand are worn-out. Lol
We completed 1 full height wall and 3 window walls, that pretty much completed the east side of the building SWEET!


Material in motion


Cap time!

Long and rewarding day :)

We set the two smaller window walls up so we could ram both at the same time. Rammed both grey sections at the same time then the colored section, and capped them together.

Ready to start!


The weather held out nicely to finish the little walls.
Storm building on one side, sunset on the other.
That's the hot tub chimney ;)

Eeeeek, doesn't look so good

Extra set of hands :)

Please don't come here

Well it's been a great week home!!!
Time to go to work to relax

 Now that their dry :)

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