Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bedroom Interior #rammedearthwall

We had a busy week ahead of ourselves with a bonus Clifton and Stuart stopping by with a Rammed Earth class from Saskatoon for a tour.
With another class coming up this Friday as well. Cool

Here we are anchoring down the base plates and aligning the upright braces. This worked very well, quick and sturdy without any movement.                         
Just working out the spacing

Form is ready,

I've noticed that our electrical box miters are getting worn so I made a couple more.
Needed a bridge to get access to the middle of the build

First Lift
                     Better get to it!

Sure is handy having the right tool for the job,
when things start to wear.

Hand tamping after doing it pneumatically
Packing around the electrical box

Our mixing area, future driveway.

Directing the conduit towards the center
We didn't start till 11:30am, due to an early appointment.
Been a LONG day.

Handy it doesn't get dark till later, here's an 9:30pm Capping.

Super cool end to the night. From the hot tub :)

As the form comes down the next goes up

I need to put more effort into the seams, which means assembling new double boards. Time to go back to work.

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