Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 2016 #rammedearth Progress

On this interior wall we decided early to have cold seam, and to try keep the rocks from getting stuck in between the form ply and side braces. So we rammed the bottom and left it for the evening.

We stapled a liner over the top boards to keep the rocks from getting stuck between the form ply and side braces.

What was the question??

Rammed the first few feet, done for the day.

Early morning mixing

Working our way up

Instead of using two boards on either side of a joint, I just used one.

This did work out way better for cleaner seams

Just about done, time to go to town as there's more to life than just building.

Super Cool!

Rocking OUT

Not far,,,


Hot Tub Time

The seams sure did turn out nice, and the cold seams are very hard to see.

So,  take your time setting up the seams and it will be worth it.
Or tell yourself that seams are ok ;)

And for the second wall we made this week.

Mmm 4:30am perfect time to think of starting

Anchoring the base boards

Lifting the end panels in to place

Break Time, family picnic. Bacon wrapped hotdogs Yum

The fabric did help keep rocks from getting stuck on the last wall so we'll continue.

Naree Pitching in :)


We rammed the first two feet and left it over night

Here we go again

Electrical boxes are in


Watering the material, it is pretty hot outside.


Making the cap with the cement mixer.

we bucket it up to the top.

Removing the form


#rammed #earth #henge

The seams are really nice and small, 9 more walls to go!
We certainly took our time with these last two walls with the use of cold seams, tried to pace ourselves this time as it's a lot of work. But so worth it!

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