Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 2016 First week

Hello Rammed Earth Peeps,

This week we only could make one wall due to the weather. On this wall we used cardboard corners to cover the top brace board and was much better than the building fabric we used last time. We also pre-mounted the electrical boxes this time to see if it would be difficult to work around, it wasn't at all and worked out well. I also switched out my rammer for the new spare purchased from Henry Tools I should get a rebuilt kit for the old one :)

Note the cardboard that keeps the rocks & sand from getting caught between the brace and form ply 

And we're off and running

Pre-mounted electrical boxes

a little rebar every 2 feet

Figure it's time to switch to the new Rammer, this is the second one purchased from Henry Tools

Model #1350-2BF

Time warp=Feels like the mid 70's lol

Just had to be careful not to hit the box with the rammer on the up stroke 

We hired a local helper for the day. Well not the whole day, he lasted 4

up we go

The end is near


Done! but it's raining so waited a couple of days to open

Ta Da!


  1. Your hired help only lasted 4 hours. That is sad. :) I see the Henry Tools rammer offers 2 3/8" and 3" piens. Which do you recommend?

    1. LOL.
      We are using the 3" steel butt. I like it :)