Sunday, June 21, 2015

#Rammed Earth, Dining room window wall, step by step.

                                           So someone asked for more details, let's try this.
                                        It's actually not that easy to remember take a pic at every step.

Here we are clamping two 2"x 10" across the two walls. 
The anchoring supplies 

Then anchor the boards down by drilling the concrete with a 3/16" masonry drill bit. 
Then a piece of wire goes in the hole followed by the nail. The wire really helps the nail 
Keep things tight. 
All nailed down

Here we have set the form ply in place. On top of the 2"x 10"
Starting to come together

Then we add the back support boards and nail that down to to the anchored board. 

Now we have braced the form with uprights, and those are nailed to the anchored board as well. Care must be taken here or a blow out can happen. 

Time to get some Rebar ready. 
And the insulation gets cut to fit. This is recycled roofing insulation. 

Next is to air nail in the mitres before the Rebar gets tied in.
The mitres are nailed and the Rebar is tied.  
Insulation is in place
Everything looks tight, let's do this. 
But first a wild strawberry break :) 

And ram away,,,,, 

Close to the 2' mark, time for some more rebar and, , 
You guessed it. 

Just about done, 

One last tamp before the cap. 
And that seals the deal. 

Everything looks good 
Set the timer for sunrise 
So the forms are off, looks good. 
The cap took a beating, it rained & hailed last night.
Oh Shit! Quality control 
No  bulge this time 
Cool, she'll be dry in no time. 

So in 3 weeks we made 6 walls, 2 per week was the goal. 
Time to go work for a break :) 


  1. Fantastic! Hope to visit in September when I'm there with the kids.


  2. Great work. The details are much appreciated.