Friday, June 12, 2015

#Rammed #Earth The dining room wall

Well not much to say here,,, carry on.

The scene is set, 

Just waiting for us  :) 
First thing in the morning  seems to be working well for us to start. 
After a morning coffee we are,,, Ready to go! 

Thump, Thump, Thump, 

More dirt,,,,, 

Sounds Fantastic, :) 

Hey! Here comes some color! 

We really tried hard this time to get a better result with electrical boxes. 
Nothing but work,,,,, 

And there it will be for the night,,, 
Time to start the hot tub!  Oh we are so going to enjoy this! 
And then there was a dining room wall

Sure is a deep red when still wet, 
The extra time spent on the outlets really paid off, they look great! 
The seams look good too. 
Couple of days to dry and it's Lightening up. 
Cool, another one done, one by one :) 

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