Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#RammedEarth,The Kitchen window and South Entrance

The Kitchen window and South Entrance

Didn't go as nice as I would have liked but none the less.
Anticipating the wall

Waiting,,,,,,,,   ;) 

Ok, take a break

Looks like I got carried away, too much force/not enough brace

This is for the outside water hose  

Staying tight, everywhere but,,, 

Small gap from the brace failing, the wall will bulge slightly 

Nothing like capping a job off, 

Looks pretty straight on this side, 

Looks good so far, just about to ram the doorway. 
Slight bluge due to the form moving in the one corner.

This will be the south entrance 
It's cool to watch the moisture leave, 

The walls will be backfilled to 2 feet, that's why we we didn't colour the bottom couple of feet. 

Coming along nicely. 
Time to clean the area up and move down. 
Couple of hours later, just can't get enough of these walls. Normally you wouldn't bat an eye on a regular wall, but Rammed Earth walls are so interesting.

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