Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rammed Earth House Walls Are Completed!

Here we are finishing up the last full height wall and two window walls and an entrance.

 I'd sure like to lay around, Geez

 It rained for 3days right after the wall was done.

Greenbuilding passive solar earth house
 Well that's the walls, Wow!
It's taken us 2 years to complete these walls, so glad to be done. It's been a ton of work, but it's kind of cool what you can accomplish with a bit of drive.
 Crushed rock and some weeping tile.
So we're not done shoveling yet, palm face.

We are making a shallow frost proof foundation,going 4' instead of 3' just cause :)


  1. why did you use rigid insulation in the center of the wall?

    1. Hello Edith,
      Due to the length of the winter season here, having a thermal bridge to -30° would not fair well in regards to heating efficiency. This way we can have the benefits of rammed earth in this climate.