Monday, September 12, 2016

Sept 2016 Rammed Earth update Last internal wall!

                                                                         Well Holy Smolie
It's definitely been a long haul and we're nowhere near done the house. But! The walls are almost done, this was the last internal wall with only a two outside walls left! The weather has been really messing up our build, getting close to the end of the ramming season here.


Just starting the day when,,,,,,,,

The water hydrant, 
Fitting at the bottom of the hydrant, totally rotten.
And then the well failed, a galvanized fitting eroded to nothing lost all water pressure. Glad we have what needed to fix it, like the excavator and the bobcat. So we lost a day of building digging a 14ft deep access.  

As the wind picked up, it tried taking the tarp. Looked like the Blob trying to escape. 

Adding some highlights 

The end is near

Getting ready

something different, an early evening capping lol. 
This was another 3 day wall due to weather and the well issues 

Everyone helped take the form down then we knocked off the little walkway. just in time before the raining come again. 
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