Friday, September 2, 2016

Sept Rammed Earth Building Update

The weather has sure been hit and miss lately. Hope it does effect our up coming workshops. Two internal walls remain, this one and the 14' separating the living room from the bedroom. sure exciting!


Tight quarters

Just had time to ram the bottom grey 2', hope the weather is good tomorrow

 Hey the Sun! 

Standing on the whalers was very comfortable


Finishing up!

Lots of materials required to form that wall. 

During the bad weather I've been on related projects like a hot wire foam cutter, to cut the 4"x24"x48" foam sheets into 2"x24"x48" these will be fore insulation skirt that will going around the foundation for frost protect.
Used 12volt amp power supply with a turn signal relay as a current control

quite the cost savings!

Then we had a wasp problem, went to bend some rebar and found a large yellow jacket nest under the landplane.

Good thing we have a flamethrower ;) 

The northern lights have been spectacular lately, I thought I'd share them. These were taken with my cellphone

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